I took a photo of a geometric pattern on a wall of the Bou Inania Madrasa,
a religious school from the 14th century in the city of Meknes, Morocco.
It is a legacy of the Marinid Dynasty and a marvel of Islamic architecture.

I used this photo to create my own geometric pattern.
Once I got the two-dimensional pattern down I used this as a base to create a three-dimensional city.

I took what is already there and I made a hidden world visible.
The same way nature and our society are full of hidden patterns and it is impossible to see them all.

Max Tegmark, a renowned Swedish-American Professor in Physics and Cosmology at MIT,
wrote a book called “Our Mathematical Universe” in which he posits that reality is in fact a mathematical structure.

It is up for debate if this theory is true, but maybe I can reveal a
glimpse of the mathematical base structure behind our reality.

Below you can see the process in making “World Device”

Transport of the artwork in Ljubljana, Slovenia. With Stef Van Bellingen.

Above: “A Ves… You Know” – Galerija Kresija Ljubljana, Slovenia by WARP, Curators: Laureline Soubry and Stef Van Bellingen
Sculpture in the Foreground “MIWEE” by Nel Bonte

This artwork is printed on very high quality German Etching paper from Hahnemühle.

The frame is a design of Pieter Léon Vermeersch and is considered to be a part of the artwork.

This artwork is the result of 2 months of work and is therefore on sale in 7 limited editions.

With frame the artwork measures 160 x 100 cm.

Email me for availability at pieter@astopia.eu