Interesting Links

Blender – Open Source free 3D Software

Interesting visual artists related to architecture

Antonio Sant’Elia – Italian Futurism

Hugh Ferris – Emotional Drawings in the interbellum

Étienne-Louis Boullée – Franse visionaire architect/ kunstenaar uit de 18e eeuw

Giovanni Battista Piranesi – Fantasierijke Italiaanse architect uit de 18e eeuw

M. C. Escher – Samengaan van wiskunde en beeldende kunst

Hans Op De Beeck – Incredibly atmospheric installations, sculptures, video.

Renato Nicolodi – Beautful bunkers

Interesting Videogames

Manifold Garden

Interesting Tools

Blender – Excellent open source free 3D Software package

Evernote – Note taking for everything. Indispensable.

Gimp – Open source Photoshop alternative

InkScape – Free illustrator/2D  vector drawing alternative

Interesting Novels

A Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

The City and the Stars – Arthur C. Clarke

Foundation – Isaac Asimov

Interesting Video’s

Two Minute Papers – News about Ai in computer graphics

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