Light cathedral

A selection of artworks I have done in the past.

All of them are an exploration around the tension between the concepts of utopia  and dystopia.
They are a reflection on the different images that have been created in the past on the theme of a new possible future.

cathedral transform 2D to 3D
design cathedral sketches
design cathedral detail
Isolated Building 001
Isolated Building 005
Isolated Building 002
Isolated Building 007
Hugh Ferris chiaroscuro
metal acid ball result
Hugh Ferriss - Temple
realistic looking rocks towers
realistic looking rock detail
realistic looking rock detail
realistic looking rock detail
8-sided building on black rocks
Isolation in the dark sketchup
isolation in the dark detail
snow mountains trees skyscraper
Snowy mountains production detail
Realistic mountains night version
snow and flow maps detail 01
temple top of mountain
tessellation 1 result 3 dark
tessellation 1 dark detail 06
Project Mega
Project Mega blueprint
Project Mega blueprint
Chiaroscuro Temple details 3
black as a colour