Adding fog 1

towers with fog at the base


I wanted to learn more about how to implement fog with VrayEnvironementFog. I don’t really like it. I think it is very complicated to set up and it takes a very long time to render. I think it is more efficient to apply fog in Photoshop with the help of the Zdepth mask.

Another lesson I learned: it is much more effecient to apply the windows on a skyscraper as a texture in 3ds Max as much possible. For this image I drew all the windows as geometry in Sketchup. The result is that these buildings are very high-poly and are not easy to handle. You also don’t have much room for applying certain effects on them like random dirt and lights. Lesson learned. :-)


Towers VrayEnvironementFog


Towers fog Sketchup drawings


Islands in the sun

Islands in the sun result


I wanted to be able to do more with Mudbox so I created some forms and looked at what I could do with them afterwards in 3ds Max.

Islands in the sun forms

Tower in a dark landscape

8-sided building on black rocks


I wanted to return to the thing I like the most doing: designing structures. Underneath you can see the Zdepth mask, the wirecolor pass and the original drawing I made. The main light in the scene is coming from somewhere opposite of the camera. This accentuates the rocks much better.


Isolation in the dark zdepth mask


Isolation in the dark wirecolor


Isolation in the dark sketchup


isolation in the dark detail

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