Isolated Building

Isolated Building

Isolated Building 001


This is another exercise in designing a building from scratch and in placing it in a landscape.

I learned that for the creation of a realistic looking landscape it is very important to mix different kinds of terrain and colours.

For the lighting I first chose the height and direction of the sun with only the Vray Sun and the use of Vray RT for fast feedback. After that I added an HDRi with the source of the light pointed in the same direction as the sun. I also added a little bit of chiaroscuro by letting the sun shine through round holes in a plane above the scene.

Adding floors to the building was a good idea. It makes the building more believable and it adds a subtle layer of complexity.


Isolated Building 002


Isolated Building 005


Isolated Building 007


Isolated Building 008


Isolated Building 003


Using Tessellation 3 – Alhambra

Using Tessellation 3 – Alhambra

using tessellation 3 - cathedral - 010


using tessellation 3 - cathedral - 002


using tessellation 3 - cathedral - 011


using tessellation 3 - cathedral - 004


using tessellation 3 - cathedral - 012


using tessellation 3 - cathedral - 013


Drawing by M. C. Escher

A drawing made by M. C. Escher at the Alhambra in Spain


For this piece, I was inspired by one of the drawings Maurits Cornelius Escher did at the Alhambra in Spain (above). I tried to remake this pattern in three dimensions, I didn’t fully succeed, but I made my own version (below). Once I got the pattern down I defined the lines as roads and I started to construct the buildings in the empty spaces.

It is surprising how this method influenced the final result. The whole city becomes much more harmonious. Everything seems to fit together. When I was looking for interesting camera positions, I was under the impression that much more was possible than with other complex scenes. An interesting composition seems to be possible wherever I place my camera. This could be interesting when I want to make an animation of some sort.

One word of caution: in the world of three dimensions, it is always important to design everything from the angle and height you want to finally position your camera(s). In this case, I designed everything from a fair distance above the ground. As a result, the camera at eye-level won’t deliver a very interesting picture. This is because the proportions won’t look as good any more.


using tessellation 3 - cathedral - process - 001


using tessellation 3 - cathedral - process - 002


using tessellation 3 - cathedral - process - 003


using tessellation 3 - cathedral - process - 004


using tessellation 3 - cathedral - process - 006


using tessellation 3 - cathedral - process - 007


using tessellation 3 - cathedral - 014

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