Making realistic rocks

Making realistic rocks

realistic looking rocks towers


My first goal with this image was to create some realistic looking rocks, but it got a bit out of hand. :-) Below you can find a tutorial about how I made those rocks in 3ds Max. Click on the images to see a higher resolution version.


realistic looking rock detail


realistic rock buildings pattern


realistic looking rock detail


realistic looking rock detail


realistic looking rock detail


realistic looking rock detail


Realistic looking rocks tutorial

Tower in a dark landscape

8-sided building on black rocks


I wanted to return to the thing I like the most doing: designing structures. Underneath you can see the Zdepth mask, the wirecolor pass and the original drawing I made. The main light in the scene is coming from somewhere opposite of the camera. This accentuates the rocks much better.


Isolation in the dark zdepth mask


Isolation in the dark wirecolor


Isolation in the dark sketchup


isolation in the dark detail

Real-world model of a 240 meter high building

Real-world model of a 240 meter high building

project px-t-13 003


This model took me about a year to make (mostly during the weekends). It is build to scale 1/200, so in reality the building would be about 240 meters tall. In 2012 it was exhibited for a month at the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels.

The video below shows the process in making the model and is done by using the stop-motion technique. The model consists of 1845 different parts which are modelled in 3D and cut out with a laser-cutter. The model is about 1m25 in height.



project px-t-13 002


project px-t-13 013


project px-t-13 012


project px-t-13 004


project px-t-13 014



In the video above you can watch an excerpt from the television series that was broadcast on national television.

Below are some images that reveal the design process.

I started looking for basic geometric shapes I could base my building on.

After that I created a technical drawing in 3D that defines the thickness and position of all the different parts to get a solid structure without having to compromise on the original design.

I exported these parts to a laser-cutter to cut them out MDF plates. Because some of the parts have a sharp corner I had to manually cut off some of the edges in a certain angle with a mini table saw (see video below).


project px-t-13 018


project px-t-13 009


project px-t-13 010


project px-t-13 005


project px-t-13 006


project px-t-13 008


project px-t-13 007



project px-t-13 011


project px-t-13 016


project px-t-13 015

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