Form follows Fiction 2

Form follows Fiction 2

desert mountains experiment 001


I wanted to explore the possibilities of World Machine a bit more. The image above is completely made with 3D software. I think the element of scale is interesting here. How big is the building? It’s hard to say.


desert mountains experiment 002


desert mountains experiment 003

Project Nueba – White Version

Project Nueba – White Version

Project Nueba result white color


After doing the coloured version of project Nueba I decided to make a white version by blending different render passes. Click on the image above for a much more detailed view.


Project Nueba Detail 034


Project Nueba Detail 027


Project Nueba White Blending



Isolated Building 001


This is another exercise in designing a building from scratch and in placing it in a landscape.

I learned that for the creation of a realistic looking landscape it is very important to mix different kinds of terrain and colours.

For the lighting I first chose the height and direction of the sun with only the Vray Sun and the use of Vray RT for fast feedback. After that I added an HDRi with the source of the light pointed in the same direction as the sun. I also added a little bit of chiaroscuro by letting the sun shine through round holes in a plane above the scene.

Adding floors to the building was a good idea. It makes the building more believable and it adds a subtle layer of complexity.


Isolated Building 002


Isolated Building 005


Isolated Building 007


Isolated Building 008


Isolated Building 003