Snow and flow maps

Snow and flow maps

snow mountains trees skyscraper


An attempt at making realistic mountains with Mudbox and World Machine.

I was not sure if I wanted to make a day or a night version of this image. So I did both. :-)

I kind of like the drawing I did. As with other buildings I have designed, I will probably reuse this form in the future for another experiment.

I made the mountains with Mudbox, World Machine, 3ds Max and Vray. Some maps I distracted from World Machine are super interesting to play with, like the flow map.

The diffuse map is a combination of the height map, the flow map and one simple stone texture.
I applied the snow mask as a mask for a snow material on top of the base material. (I used a VrayBlendMtl for this)


Realistic mountains night version


Mountains snow trees viewport


Snowy mountains production detail


Flow map world machine


snow and flow maps detail 01

Realistic or abstract?

Abstract building in the dark.


This one doesn’t look like a realistic building, but I think that is not important. I particulary like the atmosphere and the white design elements at the base of the building.

The small little edges on top of the base platform are done with a bump map. I did the terrain with the paint deformation tool on an editable poly in 3ds Max. I also added some random pebbles for more realism.

I made the drawing for the building in Sketchup. It’s pretty simple I think.


Abstract building Sketchup

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