Best Work

All my best work in one place.

A one year project

This model took me about a year to make (mostly during the weekends). It is build to scale 1/200, so in reality the building would be about 240 meters tall. In 2012 it was exhibited for a month at the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels.

1845 individual parts

The video below shows the process in making the model and is done by using the stop-motion technique. The model consists of 1845 different parts which are modelled in 3D and cut out with a laser-cutter. The model is about 1m25 in height.

Design Process

I exported these parts to a laser-cutter to cut them out of wooden MDF plates. I had to manually cut off some of the edges in a certain angle with a mini table saw. For more information about the design process, have a look at this extensive blog post.

My first 3D project

In December 2009 I wanted to give 3D software a chance and I discovered Google Sketchup. It was love at first use. I just couldn’t believe I didn’t tried this earlier and I spent every bit of my spare time on it.

I was addicted. I was like a junky who suddenly discovered a new kind of super drug that reduced all the other drugs to nothing. I dreamed about the endless possibilities: the imaginary cities and buildings I was able to draw.

Going from 2D to 3D

The contrast between working with pencil and paper and 3D software is enormous. Drawing big buildings with a pencil is an incredible time-consuming task. With 3D you can easily change the proportions of all of your elements at almost any stage in the design process. You can also easily repeat elements, try-out different lighting methods, colors, shapes and so on.

Countless hours waisted?

The project above was my very first project in 3D and I spent countless hours working on it. I often worked on details that no one will ever notice. My mind would only have peace if everything fitted perfectly with round numbers for all of the dimensions. I try to fight this kind of extreme perfectionism everyday.