Realistic or abstract?

Abstract building in the dark.


This one doesn’t look like a realistic building, but I think that is not important. I particulary like the atmosphere and the white design elements at the base of the building.

The small little edges on top of the base platform are done with a bump map. I did the terrain with the paint deformation tool on an editable poly in 3ds Max. I also added some random pebbles for more realism.

I made the drawing for the building in Sketchup. It’s pretty simple I think.


Abstract building Sketchup

Working daily on my skills

5 buildings on a row.


From now on I want to make more 3D images and I want to make them on a daily basis. First and foremost it is my goal to have fun and to learn. Today I’m posting my first image.

Real-world model of a 240 meter high building

Real-world model of a 240 meter high building

project px-t-13 003


This model took me about a year to make (mostly during the weekends). It is build to scale 1/200, so in reality the building would be about 240 meters tall. In 2012 it was exhibited for a month at the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels.

The video below shows the process in making the model and is done by using the stop-motion technique. The model consists of 1845 different parts which are modelled in 3D and cut out with a laser-cutter. The model is about 1m25 in height.



project px-t-13 002


project px-t-13 013


project px-t-13 012


project px-t-13 004


project px-t-13 014



In the video above you can watch an excerpt from the television series that was broadcast on national television.

Below are some images that reveal the design process.

I started looking for basic geometric shapes I could base my building on.

After that I created a technical drawing in 3D that defines the thickness and position of all the different parts to get a solid structure without having to compromise on the original design.

I exported these parts to a laser-cutter to cut them out MDF plates. Because some of the parts have a sharp corner I had to manually cut off some of the edges in a certain angle with a mini table saw (see video below).


project px-t-13 018


project px-t-13 009


project px-t-13 010


project px-t-13 005


project px-t-13 006


project px-t-13 008


project px-t-13 007



project px-t-13 011


project px-t-13 016


project px-t-13 015

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