All kinds of changes are happening in our world today: molecular nanotechnology is rapidly evolving, our environment is drifting and artificial intelligence is probably going to take over the world.

Most people feel small and powerless to all these big events. Do we have any influence or are we just spectators?

I used the concept of the sinking cruise ship as a metaphor for our society as a whole.

This artwork is partially based on the work of Etienne-Louis Boullée, the French architect from the 18th century. He designed a gigantic 150 meter tall monument to celebrate the work of Isaac Newton, who was dead for a 100 years at that moment in time. The monument has never been built, but it represented the new wind  of rationalism and science that was blowing in society.

The monument of Boullée is a mirror of the changes that were going on in the 18th century. I was wondering: how can I design a monument that is a reflection of the changes in our time?


Above: entrance of the monument